British parliament blocks TikTok over security reasons

Canada Global (Web News) The British Parliament, the latest Western institution to forbid the Chinese-owned video app due to security concerns, will block TikTok on all devices connected to its network following a similar ban on government gadgets.

The commissions of both the House of Commons and the Lords have decided that TikTok will be prohibited from all parliamentary devices and the wider parliamentary network in response to the government’s decision to prohibit the app from government devices, a parliamentary official said.

The Chinese-owned video app was last week outlawed in Britain on official phones.

“Cybersecurity is a top duty for parliament,” the spokeswoman stated.

The US, Canada, Belgium, and the European Commission have previously banned the app from being used on equipment that has been issued by their respective governments.

Because of worries that the Chinese government could misuse user data from the TikTok app, which is owned by the Beijing-based company ByteDance, Western security interests have come under increased scrutiny.

The British parliament’s ban was made public as TikTok’s CEO answered questions from American lawmakers who believe the app should be restricted because it could endanger American national security.

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