Australia pull out of Afghan cricket series over Taliban crackdown on women

Canada Global (Web News) Due to Taliban efforts to severely restrict women’s rights, Australia said on Thursday that it would not take part in a one-day series against Afghanistan that was set to take place in the United Arab Emirates.

The men’s team had three games against their Afghan counterparts in the ICC Super League slated for March after returning from a tour of India.

Cricket Australia, after speaking with interested parties, including the Australian government, stated that it would not proceed.

This decision was made in response to the Taliban’s recent declaration that women and girls’ access to parks and gyms, as well as their opportunities for employment and education, will be further restricted.

“CA is committed to advancing the global opening of the game to both men and women, particularly in Afghanistan.

“(We) will continue to contact with the Afghanistan Cricket Board in expectation of improving conditions for women and girls in the nation,” it added, thanking Canberra for its assistance.

Australia will forfeit 30 competition points that are used to determine World Cup qualification for the series. However, they have already automatically qualified for the October 50-over competition in India.

The Taliban retook control of the Asian nation in the middle of 2021, and they immediately put restrictions on female athletics.

The Taliban also prohibited young girls from attending secondary schools amid considerable outrage, and this month they prohibited women from enrolling in institutions.

Women were recently informed that they could no longer work in the assistance industry in Afghanistan.

In addition, women have been forced out of various government positions, forbidden from travelling alone, and told to dress modestly outside the home, preferably with a burqa.

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