Asif Ali Zardari insists on ‘elections in one go’

Canada Global (Web News) Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), stated on Friday that the elections ought to take place concurrently.

Zardari made his comments while speaking to a private channel. He added that even the popularity of any candidate was irrelevant. He made it plain that none of the political parties were avoiding the polls. The time of the elections is the main issue, he stated.

He added that the committee had been established by the PPP to handle negotiations and that it would first speak with the coalition partners. “Doors are never closed in politics,” he insisted.

Speaking on the arrangement with the IMF, Mr. Zardari stated that the United Arab Emirates promised to contribute $1 billion.

Mr. Zardari stated, “There is a difference between mine and Imran Khan’s domicile,” drawing a distinction between himself and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. My house is less sturdy. The nation as a whole is suffering from the conflict in Punjotiatoab.

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