Apple sued by women who say AirTag lets stalkers track victims

Canada Global (Web News) Two women who claim Apple’s AirTag devices have made it simpler for their ex-partners and other stalkers to find victims have filed a lawsuit against the company.

The women claimed that since the company released “stalker proof” technology in April 2021, they have not been stalked.

According to a proposed class action filed on Monday in federal court in San Francisco, Apple has been unable to use AirTag to protect people from unwanted trafficking.

AirTags, which start at $29 and have a 1-1/4-inch (3.2-cm) diameter, are intended to be placed in or attached to backpacks, wallets, keys, and other misplaced objects so that they can be found when misplaced.

According to the plaintiffs, AirTag has been connected to the murders of women from Indianapolis and Akron, Ohio, this year.

The US users of iOS or Android-based devices who were monitored by AirTag or are “at risk” of being stalked as a result of Apple’s claimed negligence are seeking unspecified damages in Monday’s lawsuit.

Requests for comment from Apple did not receive a prompt response.

Apple revealed planned updates in February that would make it simpler to locate the devices and alert consumers more quickly if unidentified AirTags were “travelling with them.”

Lauren Hughes, one of the plaintiffs in the Monday complaint, stated that her ex-boyfriend discovered her new location after placing an AirTag in her car’s wheel well.

She claimed that he subsequently used the hashtag “#airt2.0” with a picture of a taco truck from her new neighbourhood and a winking emoji.

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