14 dead horses found on N.B. farm, SPCA investigating

Canada Global (Web News) The New Brunswick SPCA is investigating after receiving a complaint over the holiday weekend regarding 14 dead horses at a property in the greater Stanley region.

The cause of the horses’ deaths is being looked into, according to a statement from the SPCA.

It stated that the attending SPCA officer discovered five horses that were “loose on the property” and in “poor health.”

According to the statement, “These horses were examined by a veterinarian and are now safe and receiving medical and rehabilitation care through a foster arrangement.”

The SPCA also stated that there were additional pets in the home, however they were healthy. It stated that plans have been made for their daily care while the probe is ongoing.

The message read, “Please be aware that specifics on ongoing investigations cannot be shared as we do not want to obstruct the case.” Therefore, at this time, no additional remarks will be made.

People were instructed to phone 1-877-722-1522 to report cases involving animal welfare.

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