Woman pretending to be pregnant, the plane landed in Spain, 27 passengers escaped

Canada Global (Web News) Woman’s alertness, not one or two but 27 passengers escaped after the plane landed in Spain.

This strange incident happened in Spain when a woman pretended that she was about to give birth
After which the plane made an emergency landing at the airport. Meanwhile, 27 people managed to escape
After which the police arrested 13 passengers who entered the country illegally. 14 people have not been arrested yet and the search is on.

The famous Turkish Pegasus Airlines was flying from Casablanca, Morocco to Istanbul with a total of 228 passengers on board.

Meanwhile, a woman said that she is pregnant and may be about to give birth. The plane then made an emergency landing at El Prat Airport in Barcelona. As the woman was pulled out, 27 passengers fled

And tried to get out of the airport. The police arrested 13 of them while 14 people escaped from the police

On the other hand, when the woman was taken to the maternity home, the doctors there said that although she is definitely pregnant

But there is still some time left in motherhood.
On this statement of the doctors, the woman is now facing the charges of public disturbance and stopping the flight.

Of the 13 people arrested by the police, 8 agreed to board the plane and return to Istanbul.

While the rest refused and some requested political asylum

But all of them will be sent back to their country on another flight.

This news has definitely come out, but the government of Spain has not given any details about the countries of these people.

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