Which country started the ATM service providing gold coins?

Canada Global (Web News) In the present era, science and technology have developed a lot, new inventions are coming out day by day.
One of them is an ATM machine that dispenses gold coins, which has been installed in the Indian city of Hyderabad

The said ATM machine dispenses gold coins in exchange for the money in the card, whose weight can range from half a gram to 100 grams.

It looks like a normal ATM machine but dispenses gold instead of money at the push of a button

For the first time it has been installed in the city of Hyderabad and has been planned by an organization called Gold Coin.
It offers the largest 100 gram coin at a price of seven thousand dollars.
Instead of going to gold shops, said Pratap, Vice President of Gold Coin, giving only his first name
, you can now buy gold directly from these machines. According to reports, one machine can hold up to 5 kg of gold.

It should be noted that India is the second largest consumer of gold in the world and interestingly, villagers buy more gold than citizens.
Because it is also a good investment for them.
After its installation in Hyderabad city, some people have extracted gold coins of different weights from this machine.

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