Westjet Pilots May Go On Strike If No Agreement Is Reached With The Airline

Canada Global(Web News)WestJet Encore pilots may walk off the job this weekend and go on a 72-hour strike if no deal is reached with the airline.

The Airline Pilots Association, International (ALPA), the union representing pilots, announced a strike notice on Wednesday, saying its members could go on strike starting June 1 if the two sides do not agree on a new contract. are
WestJet issued a notice to ALPA on Wednesday afternoon. Pilots will start flooding after 6pm on June 1, the airline said. The union and the airline resumed bargaining after the pilots rejected a tentative agreement two weeks ago.

ALPA says progress has been made on some positions, but the two sides are still at odds on issues important to pilots.
WestJet Encore ALPA Master Executive Council Chair Capt. Caryn Kenny said, “After eight months of negotiations, negotiations have failed. Unfortunately, management has not recognized the needs of the pilots. We are working to resolve these issues.” Ready to work together.” Work that will protect our pilots In a news release on Wednesday, WestJet apologized for the uncertainty the potential work stoppage would cause and said it hoped to prevent disruptions. An agreement will be reached soon.

It should be noted that WestJet and ALPA have been negotiating a new deal since September 2023. So far, no agreement has been reached between the two parties. 41 Canadian and American airlines Represents more than 77,000 pilots.

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