Venice canals dry up amid Italy drought

Canada Global (Web News) Venice’s beautiful aura has been snuffed out by grounded gondolas and dry canals, depressing tourists in one of Italy’s busiest towns.

Venice’s famous waterways are now muddy pits as a result of weeks of dry winter weather and little rain; certain canals have water levels that are too low for gondolas and other water-based vehicles like taxis and ambulances to navigate.

Images from the Italian city on Friday showed the exposed foundations of numerous buildings along with barely visible streams of water gathering around dozens of boats.

Environmental specialists have cited a lack of rain, a persistent high-pressure weather system, and low tide as causes for the drained canals, despite the fact that flooding is typically the main issue in the “floating city,” where they live.

Venice canals run dry

Italy as a whole is experiencing a water shortage, not just in Venice. Italian lakes and rivers are “under crisis,” according to the environmental organisation Legambiente, as a result of the nation’s ongoing drought. According to them, the Alps received 53% less snow than is typical for the mountain range. The Po, the longest river in Italy, concurrently experienced a 61% water shortfall this year.

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