The Solution To The Ukraine Conflict, The Russian President Presented A New Formula

Canada Global (Web News) Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the Ukraine conflict will never be resolved without a sincere dialogue with Russia. President Putin said that Russia wants to turn a page full of tragedy in history and slowly. Khuli wants to improve relations with Ukraine and Europe, but will be responsible for bloodshed if Ukraine and the West reject the offer of talks.

He said that Russia wants peace from the first day, but the West is not only ignoring Russia’s interests, but also preventing Ukraine from negotiating with Russia. The Russian president said that it seems ridiculous that on the one hand Banned from talking to Russia about Ukraine as well as being asked to talk to Moscow and then being told that Russia refuses to talk. A New Peace Formula for Resolving the Conflict in Ukraine In the presentation, the Russian president said that Ukrainian forces should completely withdraw from the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, which have been annexed by Russia, and if Ukraine refused to join NATO. If so, then Moscow will call for a cease-fire and negotiations will begin.

He said that agreements related to Ukraine should be built into international agreements, including the recognition of Crimea and Sevastopol as Russian territories. President Putin hoped that Ukraine would come to the conclusion that negotiations It would be in its national interest. He said he did not want to freeze the issue but to end it, but for that Ukraine would have to be a neutral, non-aligned, non-nuclear country, as well as non-militarized and non-Nazi. Should be.

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