The National Assembly Passed A Counter-Resolution Against The Us Resolution By Majority Vote

Canada Global (Web News) The resolution in the National Assembly against the resolution in the American House of Representatives was passed by majority vote. The motion for the resolution in the National Assembly was presented by Member of Assembly Shaista Parvez Malik. The resolution said that the resolution of the American House of Representatives But the House expresses concern, the House is concerned about the remarks regarding the use of votes of Pakistanis in the February 2024 elections.

It is written in the resolution that the American resolution is not completely based on facts, Pakistan is a free and independent country which will not tolerate interference in its internal affairs.
The text states that the House calls on the United States and the world to take notice of the plight of the people of Gaza and Occupied Kashmir while the US Congress addresses human rights violations in Gaza and Occupied Kashmir.
The resolution further states that the House is keen to promote mutual relations with the US on the basis of equality and expects a positive role from the US House of Representatives in the future.
Members of the Sunni Ittehad Council opposed the resolution and raised loud slogans in the House.
The text of the resolution stated that it is regrettable that the resolution of the US House of Representatives is clearly the result of incomplete information and misunderstanding of the political and electoral process of Pakistan, this resolution which will deprive millions of people in the general elections on February 8, 2024. It denies the free exercise of voting rights to Pakistanis.
As a free and sovereign country, Pakistan will not accept any kind of interference in its internal affairs and the above resolution is an attempt to do so, it is a strong bilateral relationship with the United States based on mutual respect and cooperation on the basis of equality. are based on

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