Facebook will introduce a Twitter compaction app or feature

Urduworld Canada (Web News) Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has decided

To introduce Twitter’s ticker application or similar features on its legacy websites soon.
In a meeting of Facebook’s top executives after Elon Musk took over the management of Twitter
There was discussion about introducing similar features on Twitter’s ticker application or on Instagram or Facebook

Top executives at Facebook’s parent company Metta believe Twitter is in trouble right now.
And now it’s time to introduce its ticker application or features. The report of the American newspaper said that
Meta executives were not immediately able to agree, however, using Instagram’s technology
There was also talk of introducing a new Twitter ticker application. According to the report, various suggestions were presented by the officials in the meeting.

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And some officials suggested introducing Twitter-style features called Realtime or RealReels on Instagram or Facebook.

It is too early to say whether Facebook will introduce a Twitter ticker application or whether Instagram or Facebook will offer Twitter-style features.
Facebook is already notorious for copying features from rival applications, with TikTok and Twitter at the forefront.


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