The Alberta Government Will Invest An Additional $30 Million In Education

Canada Global(Web News)Alberta’s government is investing an additional $30 million to enable school officials to better address enrollment growth.

This year, school officials are facing a larger than expected increase in enrollment. To better support students, the Government of Alberta is providing an additional $30 million in funding for the 2023-24 school year.
School officials will receive $1,500 per student for increases in actual enrollment between zero and 100 students and $2,000 per student for increases over 100 students to be funded “People from Alberta, Canada and around the world

” attracts. We’ve seen a lot of new arrivals in Alberta in recent months, meaning more kids are registering in our schools. We know schools are facing enrollment pressures, so we Providing additional funding to school officials to better support schools and students. This funding complements historic education investments made in Budget 2023. Funding to
school officials in December through the Supplemental Enrollment Growth Grant. will be allocated. For the current school year, the Supplemental Enrollment Growth Grant has been modified so that all school authorities experiencing growth will receive additional funding per student. In the previous school year, only schools Authorities were eligible for the grant with an enrollment rate of more than two percent. For the 2023-24 academic year, authorities will be allocated funds based on the previous academic year or a revised formula, whichever is higher. Provides funding.
Many of Alberta’s locally elected public, Catholic and Francophone school boards are experiencing significant increases in enrollment and, with it, the increasing complexity of the student population in areas such as mental health, learning and early intervention, and English as a Need help as an additional language. The Alberta School Boards Association appreciates this additional investment by the government to
help school boards ensure student success
. Answering. This funding will enable us to hire additional teachers and school-based staff to support students.
Our district is experiencing unprecedented growth. From September 2022 to September 2023, enrollment has increased by 4.6 percent, and we continue to welcome new students. We are grateful for the additional government funding to meet the diverse needs of our growing student population.”
We try to accurately predict our enrollment estimates, but some aspects are unpredictable. By removing the two percent cap and admitting every single student, we will have more funding to better manage demand. Every dollar we invest in our students is an investment in Alberta’s future.
Edmonton Public Schools is grateful for funding to support our classrooms as we grow by 5,000 students each year. We look forward to future discussions with the provincial government on the funding formula.
Over the next three years, the Alberta government is providing more than $820 million to school divisions to address enrollment growth.
This funding can be used to hire additional teachers and classroom support staff , so that school officials can manage increased class sizes and student populations. An additional $126 million in new funding is being provided over three years so school officials can add supports to complex classrooms and give students the time and attention they need.
In fiscal year 2023-24, a record $8.8 billion will be spent on education, which equates to $44 million per day students are in school.
The Alberta government is investing $2.3 billion over the next three years for new and modernized schools.
In Budget 2023, the Government of Alberta announced support for 58 priority school projects that will provide new and improved student spaces, create jobs and support communities.
The 2023 Capital Plan includes $372 million for 33 school projects to provide new and improved student spaces, create jobs and revitalize Alberta’s communities. It includes:
10 new schools
16 replacement schools
Seven upgrades
The project will create more than 9,400 new places and upgrade more than 15,500 student places.


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