Surrey Police Issue Not Important In Upcoming Election: Ndp

 Canada Global(Web News)Surrey’s NDP is running for re-election on October 19. Party MLAs say they hope the controversy over Surrey’s policing changes will not play a major role in the campaign.

So far, five out of seven MLAs have expressed their intention to contest the next state elections.
However, many Surrey residents who will vote in the election are already disappointed with the seven per cent tax increase this year. Speaking about which, Kam Grewal, General Manager of Surrey Finance, said that if the change of Surrey Police had been stopped, this would not have happened. In particular, Surrey Council’s city budget for 2024 includes a six per cent increase in property tax, a one per cent increase in roads and tax levies, and an increase in secondary suite fees on top of expensive utility rate fees.

Bendalock said in April that if the city’s policing reforms went ahead, Surrey taxpayers would be “suppressed for the next decade”. The CMP added that the next budget would be reviewed in the autumn.
Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth told the Now Leader on May 23 that his decision to replace the Surrey RCMP with the SPS was “not based on the election in October.” People will judge us on overall record. My responsibility, my legal responsibility, was to make a decision about safe, effective policing around transition and that’s what was done,”
Premier David Abbey told reporters Monday that the NDP. The government believes its $150 million offer to help the city transition was supported by the independent work and budget work of the provincial government.
“Clearly, the residents are completely fed up and want us all to move on,” said David Eby. “I

am committed to the people of Surrey, that we will ensure the taxpayers are protected.” We will ensure that the people of Surrey are cared for and compensated, at the cost of the transition.

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