Sir Keir Stormer’s Announcement To End Plans To Send Illegal Immigrants To Rwanda

 Canada Global(Web News) The newly elected British Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer announced the end of the plan to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda as soon as he took office. According to the British media, Sir Keir Starmer held his first press conference after taking office. I announced that the Rwanda project would be scrapped because it would only reduce illegal immigration by one percent.

He said that Rwanda was already dead and buried before the project began. Remember that Sir Keir Starmer made it clear before the election that he would end the Rwanda project if he came to power. He was of the opinion that those who failed to get asylum should be sent back to the country they came from. According to British media, ending the plan would save the UK 50 million euros next year and in 2026. .

What is the Rwanda Plan?
Under the plan, some asylum seekers in the UK would be sent to Rwanda, where their claims would be examined under a five-year deal to determine why they did not want to return to their country. If their claims were successful, they would be granted asylum. They will be granted refugee status and allowed to return to the UK. Otherwise, asylum seekers can apply for asylum in Rwanda or a safe third country. The British government believed that the implementation of the plan would reduce the number of people coming to the UK in small boats to seek asylum. Under the plan, anyone who entered the UK illegally after January 1, 2022 could be deported to Rwanda. Under the plan, the first flight of UK asylum seekers was due to be sent to Rwanda in June 2022 .

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