Signs of the seasons discovered on Saturn’s moons


Canada Global (Web News) It was known about Titan, the largest moon of Saturn

Its sand is electrically charged.

Its lakes flow with methane and the atmosphere is cloudy
But NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope recently identified seasons at this wavelength.

Astronomers announced Thursday that telescopes have spotted such bright features in Titan’s northern hemisphere

Which are actually big clouds. Clouds have never been seen before due to the cloudy atmosphere of the moon
which blurs the light reflected from the surface.
But the near-infrared instrument aboard the James Webb Space Telescope observed the atmosphere despite its hazy atmosphere.

This discovery means that Titan is the only moon in the solar system that has been affected by seasons.

Research presented in early April shows that Titan is geologically remarkably similar to Earth.

This moon of Saturn has rivers, lakes and oceans with nitrogen winds and liquid methane rain.

Scientists have long believed that Titan is different from other moons in the solar system
And the latest research has proved them to be true

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