Sarah Hoffman Is The New Candidate To Join The Alberta Ndp Leadership Race

Canada Global(Web News) Former Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman and NDP MLA for Edmonton-Glenora held a news conference in Edmonton on Sunday morning to kick off her campaign.’

The 43-year-old is in the running to replace Rachel Notley as NDP leader, along with fellow MLAs Kathleen Ganley and Rakhi Pancholi.
“I’m thrilled to be here at Woodcroft Hall where my elected provincial career began and together we defeated a conservative cabinet minister and we formed the first NDP government in Alberta’s history,” said Hoffman. Let’s solve the problems together.

New Democrats are essential to solving the problems we face today. We must fix public health care,”
Hoffman said, adding that many Albertans struggle to keep a roof over their heads. So that as your Prime Minister I can solve the housing crisis. I won’t stop until we’re done.

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