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Urdu World Cup (Web News): Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja says that for the Asia Cup
If the Indian team does not want to come to Pakistan, then they should not come, but the Asia Cup will not be held at a neutral venue.

Chairman PCB Ramiz Raja while talking informally to reporters said that Asia Cup will be hosted by Pakistan next year.
If the Indian team doesn’t want to come, then don’t come, but the event cannot be held at a neutral venue.

He threatened that if Asia Cup will be held somewhere else instead of Pakistan.
If attempted, we can even stop participating in the Asia Cup.

Ramiz Raja said regarding the pitch of Rawalpindi in the Pakistan England series that the pitch is the lifeblood of the Test match.

The way England has batted in the first innings of a Test match has not been seen till date.

They have brought their T20 players.

“I have not really broken any code regarding the Test match pitch,” he said.

Unfortunately, I am totally disappointed with this pitch. The reason for the emphasis on drop-in pitches in Pakistan

That is, if you go to Multan and Karachi, you will get the same taste there.

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