PTV intends to reintroduce the ainak wala jin tv drama.

Canada Global (Web News) Ainakwala Jinn, a well-known children’s programme from the past, will be broadcast on Pakistan Television (PTV) in an effort to revive childhood memories.

The play, which was aired from 1993 to 2002, was one of the performances that PTV aired when it was at its peak and kept kids riveted to their televisions.

“I recently spoke with PTV executives at the Lahore station, and they expressed a wish to resurrect the show on the miniscreen,” said TV personality and show producer Haseeb Pasha. He claimed that an entire generation spent the 1990s watching this children’s television show and holding fond recollections of it.

ptv Ainak Wala Jin

Pasha claimed that the lack of interest from PTV producers and others resulted in the play’s cancellation in 2002. Hafeez Tahir, the creator, producer, and writer of this programme, took a keen interest in its creation. According to Mr. Pasha, no one bothered to continue the show when Mr. Tahir retired.

The updated show, which has been taking place in the Alhamra Arts Centre on The Mall since February 2022, recently added a puppet theatre. This puppet theatre has a lengthy history; it was first performed thirty years ago by Samina Ahmed, a TV performer and producer who had previously served as the Lahore Arts Council’s deputy director of programmes.


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