PTI will resign from all assemblies, says Imran Khan

Canada Global (Web News) Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said while addressing to his supporters at Rawalpindi that PTI will resign from all the assemblies.

The PTI leader claimed that everyone who called the US cypher phoney was a part of the plot to overthrow the government.

The National Security Council advised the government to send the US a demarche over the cypher if it was bogus, but Khan avoided identifying Gen Bajwa in his response to his claim that Khan had created a false narrative and was now attempting to destroy it.

He challenged anyone who disagreed with his version of events to refute what US Undersecretary of State Donald Lu allegedly stated to Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed.

Imran Khan said that his government was in place and functioning well when it was overthrown as part of a plot to install a gang of robbers on the nation.

He claimed that the current administration had suspended peoples’ fundamental rights and had tortured them to the highest degree. He said that “Dirty Harry” was purposefully deployed in Islamabad, where he started a new wave of terror. He said that journalists were jailed, tortured, and expelled from the nation.

PTI leaders Shahbaz Gill and Azam Swati were selected and subjected to torture, along with senior journalist Arshad Sharif.

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