Pti Is Also Deprived Of Certain Seats Due To Non-Receipt Of Election Symbols

Canada Global (Web News) Due to the non-approval of election symbol bat from the Election Commission, PTI will have to suffer in 227 reserved seats for women and minorities in the upper and lower houses including the provincial assemblies.

If PTI does not get relief from the judiciary, then PTI will have to suffer a big loss in the general elections as well as in the reserved seats and in the Senate election also they will not get any seats based on this election. Seats are given only to registered parties and parties fighting on an election symbol. Out of the 266 general seats in the current National Assembly, 141 are from Punjab, 61 from Sindh, 45 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 16 from Balochistan and 3 from Islamabad.

Under this quota, according to Article 106 of the Constitution, 297 seats of Punjab, 130 of Sindh, 115 of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 51 of Balochistan are specified in the constitution out of the general 593 seats of the Provincial Assembly. The decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan has said that PTI’s intra-party elections were challenged by the petitioners, Election Commission’s political finance wing also raised objections on intra-party elections.
The verdict said that PTI’s new chairman submitted documents related to the intra-party election. The permission was not received, there were no nomination papers in the PTI office, the decision said that the political finance wing of the Election Commission gave the questionnaire to the PTI, the political finance wing raised objection to the appointment of Niazullah Niazi as the Chief Election Commissioner. The decision of the Election Commission further states that Umar Ayub has not been appointed as Secretary General by any constitutional forum, Umar Ayub Niazullah Niazi cannot be appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner of the party, PTI’s Chief Election Commissioner has been asked to conduct elections. There was no option.

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