Priyanka Chopra speaks out against ‘extra credit for actors’ in the filmmaking process.

Canada Global (Web News) Recently, Priyanka Chopra noted how “more credit” is given to actors than to other “engaged” parties in the filmmaking process.

PeeCee was speaking with Janice Sequeira when she was asked about working with the “greatest personalities in the world.” PeeCee is well-known in both Bollywood and Hollywood.

Priyanka says while I was working in Bollywood, I learned how to be the best actor through working with the best directors.

“We give too much credit to actors; actors accomplish nothing,” the Quantico star remarked. Really, we don’t. I’ve mentioned this before. Actors are inactive.

The Baywatch actress elaborated on what she meant when she said, “Actors do nothing,” saying, “We say out someone else’s words, we’re working on a script that someone else wrote, we’re lip-syncing and singing songs that someone else wrote. We’re following someone else’s choreographed dance moves.

“We engage in marketing, when inquiries are made by others. Someone dresses us, while someone else does our hair and makeup. What am I doing then? The 40-year-old said.

As an actor, PeeCee noted that their responsibility is to “infuse life into a script,” adding that “My duty just comes in between action and cut. I enter the scene during those first thirty seconds. After that, when I discuss the movie, etc. I therefore play a very small part.

She continued, “It takes a village to make the actors who they are, though,”

In the meantime, the actress’s next film appearances will be in the Hollywood productions Citadel, It’s All Coming Back To Me, and the Bollywood film Jee Le Zaraa.

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