Prince Harry is no longer reliant on his father, King Charles, to purchase iPhones.

Canada Global Tv: Following the significant Netflix contract, analysts caution that King Charles no longer has any influence or authority over Prince Harry.

In her most recent article for Express UK, royal author and biographer Angela Epstein made these accusations.

In it, she referred to Prince Harry as a toddler who could not be “bought over” by King Charles, and she asserted that, as many a frazzled parent can attest, “there are times when the only way to deal with petulant toddlers, door-slamming adolescents, or sulky teenagers is to take away something they value.” It may be their favourite toy, cash to top off their phone, or – the best of all – the freedom to stay out late.

Prince Harry is obviously too old to be given a curfew by his helpless father. In any case, I doubt the Duke of Sussex needs dad’s financial assistance to buy an iPhone given the amount demanded by Netflix for his pound of royal flesh. What then does his exhausted papa have left to work with?

The thing Harry and Meghan hold onto while giving up their jobs as working royals must be the answer, according to the interviewer. their names.

Despite their outrage at the unfairness of life in The Firm, neither has made any indication that they desire to remove Duke and Duchess from the heading paper.

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