PM Shahbaz has extended his stay in London due to illness.

Canada Global (Web News) Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will now leave from London’s airport for Islamabad at 6 p.m. on Sunday after experiencing two aircraft delays.

According to family sources, PM Shahbaz Sharif prolonged his stay in London since his demanding schedule had a negative impact on his health.

The premier was supposed to fly for Pakistan on Friday, but he delayed his departure by one day due to health concerns. He landed in London a few days ago after attending the COP27 conference in Egypt.

According to sources close to the Sharif family, PM Shahbaz prolonged his stay a second time after getting a fever on Saturday and his family advising him not to fly.

The younger Sharif could stay in London for two more days, according to further family sources.

It should be mentioned that PM Shahbaz met with the leader of the PML-N and his older brother Nawaz Sharif multiple times while he was in London. The selection of a new army leader and the politics of the nation were the main topics of discussion during the sessions.

A court in the United Kingdom earlier on Friday rejected PM Shahbaz’s request for an extended postponement in the Daily Mail defamation case, which was a setback.

British media stated that Justice Matthew Nicklin heard the case and that the court denied PM Shahbaz extra time because he already had a lot on his plate with the PTI’s long march.

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