Petrol Price Reduced By Rs 10 In Pakistan

 Canada Global(Web News) Pakistan government’s big gift to the public on Eid, announcement of another 10 rupees reduction in the price of petrol, increase or decrease in the prices of petroleum products is announced on the 15th and last date of every month. However, this time the prices have been reduced a day ago. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, after the reduction in the price of petrol by 10 rupees 20 paise per liter, the new price will be 258 rupees 16 paise per liter.

The Prime Minister’s Office said that the price of diesel has been reduced by Rs 2 33 paise per liter and the new price will be Rs 267 89 paise per litre.Officials say that so far the public has been given a total relief of 35 rupees in the price of petrol. Shahbaz Sharif, taking a historic step to increase industry and exports, reduced the price of electricity for industries by 10 rupees 69 paise per unit. Electricity price for industry and export sector has been fixed at Rs 34.99 paise per unit.

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