New Zealand plans to legislate to pay Facebook and Google for news

Canada Global (Web News) New Zealand’s government said it will introduce a law that would allow major online digital companies such as Alphabet Inc ( GOOGL.O ), Google and Meta Platforms Inc ( META.O ). New Zealand media companies will need to pay.

Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson said in a statement that the law would be modeled after similar laws in Australia and Canada, and he hoped it would help digital platforms reach deals with local news outlets. will act as an incentive.

“New Zealand’s news media, particularly small regional and community newspapers, are struggling to remain financially viable as more advertising takes place online,” Jackson said. “It’s important that those who are benefiting from their news content actually pay for it.”

The new legislation will go to a vote in Parliament where a majority of the ruling Labor Party will approve it.

Australia introduced a law in 2021 that gave the government the power to allow internet companies to negotiate content supply deals with media outlets.


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