Mother of Elon Musk asks media to stop being cruel to her “brilliant” son.

Canada Global (Web News) Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, is asking with people to show her son kindness.

In a recent talk session with BBC, Maye acknowledged that her “brilliant” kid receives unwarranted hatred.

She praised the richest man in the world, saying, “I’m delighted to say that SpaceX and Tesla are in the hands of my smart son, great genius, son.

“While we appreciate him for his [genius], we don’t want to be him,” she continued, “since he gets a lot of hate with those firms.”

After that, she urged “people in the media” to “stop being nasty to him.”

Following his purchase of Twitter, Musk has been the target of online harassment in particular. According to reports, the business tycoon sacked thousands of workers in an effort to redesign the microblogging programme.

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