Mark Miller Stands By Prime Minister Trudeau Despite Defeat In By-Election

 Canada Global (Web News) Members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet say they are standing by him despite this week’s byelection defeat in what was once considered a reliable seat of Toronto for the Liberals.

Minister Mark Miller, who is also a close personal friend of Trudeau’s, said Wednesday that
“we got a message from Toronto St. It will go, that’s for sure.” “My advice to him professionally as a minister and as a colleague is to stick to what I think is the best place to beat Pierre Poilever.”

But Miller acknowledged that the party was facing a “period of introspection”.
“It’s a loss, let’s not minimize the loss. I think a lot of us have to take a step back and think about
what conservative Don Stewart said Monday night in Midtown. Defeated long-time Liberal incumbent Leslie Church in the by-election and flipped the seat from blue to red for the first time since 1993.

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