Khloe Kardashian reveals that her face scar is ‘healing’ well.

Canada Global (Web News) Khloe Kardashian recently provided a health update following the removal of a tumour from her face due to a skin cancer concern.

A few weeks following her procedure, the founder of Good American was photographed by paparazzi while attending events or touring the city with a bandage covering the left side of her face.

The television personality responded on Twitter  to a supporter who praised her for “rocking” her bandage and even questioned when she would be allowed to “take it off.”

“Believe me, it’s not simple, but it will stop my scar from becoming any larger than it needs to. The 38-year-old remarked, “Right now, it’s mending so well.

Regarding the procedure, Khloé remarked that she had been giving her “scar” “laser treatments” and that “it’s healing so so wonderfully.”

Khloé revealed that although physicians advised her to keep the bandage on for “at least six months,” she is “not sure to go that long.”

The media celebrity previously revealed that she had a “urgent operation by doctors” after experiencing a melanoma scare in October.

Afterward, Khloé revealed that her doctor “was able to get everything and her margins now appear clear.”

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