Jennifer Aniston discusses her IVF attempts and hidden fertility issues.

Canada Global (Web News) Jennifer Aniston has spoken up about the difficulties she encountered while trying to conceive a child and has retaliated against the press for their constant speculation about the condition of her uterus.

In an interview with Allure magazine for its December cover story, the actor revealed, It was a tough road for me, the baby-making path.

The 53-year-old Aniston is best recognised for her portrayal of Rachel Greene in the popular NBC sitcom Friends. Her celebrity was greatly increased by the series, which unfortunately brought up unwanted scrutiny and rumours regarding her infertility.

She was charged with putting her job before having children for years, and the tabloids constantly focused on her waistline to see if it was expanding.
She addressed the rumours that Justin Theroux divorced her in 2018 because she refused to have children with him. My husband left me because i disagree to have  a child.

The truth, according to Aniston, is that while attempting every method to produce a child in her 30s and 40s, she was going through some “awful s-t.”
I was giving it everything I had.I would have donated anything if someone had told me to “freeze your eggs.” Make a favour to yourself. You simply don’t consider it. I am now where I am. The ship has left port.

She stated in an article for HuffPost, “For the record, I am not pregnant. “I’ve had enough. I’m tired of the everyday body shaming and sport-like examination that goes on in the name of “journalism,” the “First Amendment,” and “celebrity news.”

We subject women to absurd and unflattering objectification. The way the media portrays me is merely a mirror of how we view and represent women in general in comparison to some distorted standard of beauty.

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