Israel’s Attacks On Gaza, The Number Of Martyred Palestinians Exceeded 900

Canada Global (Web News) Fierce clashes between the Palestinian resistance organization Hamas and Israel have entered the fifth day, the Israeli blockade of Gaza has been tightened and attacks on Israel have intensified.

200 targets were targeted by Israel in Gaza, refugee camps were also attacked, ambulances and aid workers were also hit by Israeli attacks and indiscriminate shelling. The number of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks is 900. has reached while more than 4 thousand are injured.

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Complete siege of the Gaza Strip, water and fuel supply cut off, hundreds of Palestinians martyred, hundreds of Israelis killed.

3 Palestinian journalists have been killed in the recent bombing of Israel, while 7 journalists have been killed in the ongoing bombing since Saturday. Israel has tightened the blockade of Gaza, cutting off the supply of water, electricity, food and fuel. This has further increased the difficulties of the residents of Gaza.

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The United Nations has described the complete blockade of Gaza as a violation of international law, saying that the blockade will endanger the survival of civilians. The United Nations agency UNICEF has called for humanitarian corridors in and out of Gaza. UNICEF says more than 187,000 Palestinians have been forced to flee their homes and are sheltering in schools.
Hamas spokesman Khaled Qadoumi has said that al-Qassam Brigades mujahideen are still fighting in 22 locations in the occupied territories, hundreds of Israeli soldiers are in custody. On the other hand, the Israeli army has claimed to regain control of the Gaza border. The Israeli army claims that there have been no new infiltrations from Gaza since Monday. The Israeli army has also started laying mines on the border of the Gaza Strip.

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