Israeli Aggression, International Influences And Palestinians Called For A Global Strike

 Canada Global(Web News) After vetoing the Gaza ceasefire resolution in the Security Council, the international influence and the Palestinian unity have called for a global strike today against the American action and Israeli aggression.

Organizers of the global strike called for an end to the Israeli bombardment of Gaza for the past two months and an immediate war. The strike was called by a coalition of Palestinian nationalist and Islamic groups, including Palestinians and supporters of Palestine around the world, including in the West Bank. An appeal was made to raise voice against Israeli aggression. The coalition calling for a global strike says that we hope that influential figures and ordinary people around the world will be part of this global strike to make it a success and Raise your voice to stop the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

He said that it is hoped that this strike will be able to raise the voice in favor of the Palestinians at the international level and press for a ceasefire in Gaza. Lebanon has announced today that after the call of a global strike by the Palestinians. All government offices, private and public schools will participate in the global strike for a Gaza ceasefire.

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