In the preparation of the federal budget of the PML-N, the solo flight, the PPP is completely ignorant

Canada Global(Web News)In preparation of federal budget of PML-G, serious reservations of solo flight, People’s Party have come to the fore.

According to the sources, the leader of the government ally People’s Party Khurshid Shah showed complete ignorance of the proposed federal budget.

What suggestions have been given to the government regarding the upcoming budget, are you satisfied? On a question from senior leader Khursheed Shah, he said that what kind of proposals, what kind of budget, the government has not told anything, nor have we been taken into confidence.

Khurshid Shah said that it is not known what the PML-G is doing on privatization policy, taxes, development program, it is not known what share is being given to which province in the measures to give relief to the people, what is new in the plans of the federal ministries. How old, we are not told.

The leader of PPP says that we have not even been told that this budget is being made by the government itself or that the IMF budget is being imposed. The entire burden of the government has been shared by the PPP. What did it do, should we tell the public that we do not know?

He said that politically, the People’s Party will have to see what decision to take on the budget. It cannot be done silently while supporting the government and watching the people being oppressed in the budget. There is a manifesto, for this our proposals should have been included in the federal budget anyway, alas! We have to say that this work should have been done without asking the PML-N.

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