FIA summons Murad Saeed and Faisal Vawda in Arshad Sharif’s case.

Canada Global (Web News) The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) fact-finding committee has summoned former ministers Faisal Vawda and Murad Saeed to the agency’s headquarters, in response to their claims that they were aware of threats made against the life of murdered journalist Arshad Sharif after his murder in Kenya.

According to FIA sources, notices to appear at its headquarters with supporting documentation have been addressed to the federal ministers.

In a fiery press conference on October 26, the ousted leader of PTI rejected the Kenyan police’s claim that Sharif was slain in a “mistaken identity” incident. The journalist, who he claimed to know personally, was shot twice and at “quite close range,” he said.

Vawda further claimed that some PTI members were responsible for the murder of Sharif and claimed to be acquainted with the Ahmad brothers, Khurram and Waqar, who sheltered the journalist in Kenya.

According to sources, the FIA’s fact-finding team has written to Salman Iqbal, the owner of ARY, and Tariq Wasi, the CEO of Karachi King, asking them to help with the murder investigation and provide answers to their inquiries.

Wasi has not yet communicated, but Iqbal stated in a statement that the team was collaborating.

“The investigating team only recently contacted me regarding the death of my brother Arshad Sharif yesterday. My team and I are giving them our full assistance, but I remain concerned about the impartiality and transparency of the PMLN government probe,” Iqbal responded in response to the issue.

Wasi instructed Waqar to arrange a visit visa for Arshad Sharif, according to Waqar, who also organised his stay in Kenya and a sponsor letter for Sharif.

The deceased journalist’s suitcase has arrived in Pakistan from Kenya, according to sources in Kenya and Pakistan on Tuesday.

According to the source, Sharif’s blood-stained clothing will be sent for forensic examination, and members of Pakistan’s fact-finding committee Ather Waheed and Omar Shahid Hamid have written to the Dubai police via Pakistan’s Foreign Office to ask for their assistance in conducting local investigations.

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