Imran Khan: Pakistan’s Supreme Court orders police to look into a shooting.

Canada Global Tv:  An immediate police probe into a shooting that injured opposition leader Imran Khan has been ordered by Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

Last Thursday, the former prime minister was wounded while leading his supporters in a protest march.

In the assault on his convoy, one person was killed and at least ten others were hurt.

The current prime minister, the interior minister, and an army commander are all being accused of planning to kill Mr. Khan. They all refute the accusation.

According to the former prime minister, police in Punjab province, the scene of the attack, demanded that he retract his mention of the army officer, a senior member of Pakistan’s ISI intelligence organisation, before they would look into his charge.

A formal inquiry should have started four days after the incident, according to the nation’s highest judge, who allowed police 24 hours to do so.

“The evidence might have been lost at the crime scene if the police hadn’t conducted their investigation. In this manner, the case’s evidence will be disputed and rejected in court “Umar Ata Bandial, Chief Justice, remarked.

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