Imran Khan does not want elections? Javed Chaudhry’s important revelations.

PTI government talks in the President's House.

Canada Global TV (Interview: Areej Fatimah) As soon as the weather has changed, the political temperature has also increased in Pakistan. In this regard, Canada Global TV organized a meeting with senior journalist, columnist and senior anchorperson Javed Chaudhry.

Javed Chaudhry was asked that Imran Khan’s long march is going on in Pakistan, he is doing long march alone, on the other hand there are 13 parties, and will he succeed? Javed Chaudhry said that there is political polarization in the big countries of the world, political battles are going on in countries like Europe and China, the UK has got its third prime minister in three months, Canada has internal political conflicts, the same is true in America. There is political polarization, Russia and Ukraine are at war, and there are problems in the Middle East because we are part of the global village.

We are a part of the world. When there are problems in the world, there will certainly be problems in Pakistan too, so there is no need to worry too much about whether an earthquake has occurred in Pakistan or a volcano has erupted, which will cause the country to suffer. There is danger, there is no danger to the system, things continue to run, and after a year we will see that nothing like this has happened۔

On the question why the Long March is taking so long, Javed Chaudhry said that there are talks between PTI and the government going on in the President’s House. There are four reasons for which the march is progressing slowly or is going to reach a conclusion and the second reason is that Imran Khan is putting pressure on the establishment to give the guarantee of negotiations, while the government is probably thinking that Imran Khan has There are no people even though they have people from KP, Gilgit Azad Kashmir۔

Javed Chaudhry was asked that the backdoor negotiations are also going on and Khan is talking about the election, so it seems that the election is taking place? So they said that the election will be held in September and actually Imran Khan is not marching for the election. Imran Khan thinks that if he sits quietly then his graph will go down.

Even if the negotiations are successful, Imran Khan will continue to hold rallies.

If the situation of May 25th happens, then what will happen? Javed Chaudhry said that this time the situation of May 25th will not happen. Khan will not appear before the army.

There are many journalists on the container, so do you think it is right for journalists to stay on the container for so long?

Javed Chaudhry said that wherever there is news, there must be journalists. If Imran Khan is news, there will be journalists too. Regarding the press conference of Faisal Vawda, when Javed Chaudhry was asked that Faisal Vawda had said that the march would be bloody, he said that anything can happen, this is his opinion, he has given a warning, but he does not understand. Whoever has been warned, their statement should be taken seriously۔

Eleven journalists left in one week, on this Javed Chaudhry said that Sadaf Naeem Kato accident has happened, it is a sad incident. Journalists should be trained in this regard. Reporters should be trained.

He said that it would be premature to say anything about Arshad Sharif, we will have to wait more

He said that democracy and journalism go hand in hand, let journalists do journalism

Journalism is free. It will not be imprisoned in any era. There was an attempt to control it in the past, but it did not work. It is your job to give news. You should have the skills and journalists should give news without fear.

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