How Do Women’s Tears Quickly Reduce Men’s Anger?

Canada Global(Web News) Research has revealed that women’s tears instantly reduce men’s anger. The research was conducted by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. A chemical compound found in human tears releases signals that reduce the activity of specific areas of the male brain responsible for anger, experts said.

According to the report, researchers showed women a film based on an emotional story that made them cry while their tears were collected. On the other hand, 31 men were asked to play a computer game that unfairly deducted points for men. It was designed to annoy. When this group of men got angry while playing the game, some of the men were given saline solution and some of the men’s tears were collected by the women.

Their anger and aggression decreased by 43.7%. CT scans of the men’s brains were performed after this result and it was revealed that the activity of certain parts of the brain of the men who smelled tears was reduced by the smell of tears. Which causes anger and aggression in humans. The researchers predicted the presence of similar chemical signals in the tears of men and children that they found in women’s tears.

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