Do I Need A Medical Exam To Study In Canada? 

 Canada Global(Web News) Every year, millions of foreign nationals apply for study permits to pursue further studies in Canada. In fact, studying in Canada is so popular that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently introduced a two-year limit on new international students in an effort to control the influx of foreign nationals.

There are now generally three steps an applicant must take to obtain a study permit. The process involves obtaining a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a designated Canadian educational institution (DLI), obtaining a letter of acceptance from the province or territory where the DLI is located, and then applying for a study permit from IRCC.

However, in the following four cases, foreign nationals coming to study in Canada will also need a medical examination.

If the student is coming from a designated visa-required country/territory.
If the student will be staying in Canada for more than six months.
If the individual is a medical student.
If the student “will be working in health care or any other field that brings them into close contact with children or the elderly

Temporary Public Policy for Medical Examinations
As of October 6, 2024, IRCC has implemented a policy on medical examinations that allows certain applicants – for both temporary residence and permanent residence – if they have already completed a full medical examination within the past five years. are exempted from completing the other medical examination.
To qualify for this exemption, applicants must meet all four of the following conditions: The

applicant has “applied for, or is currently applying for” permanent residence or temporary residence such as a study permit;

The applicant must already be living in Canada.
The applicant must have completed a previous medical examination within the last five years.
The applicant’s previous medical examination “indicated … little or no risk to public health or public safety.”

Understanding Medical Examinations for Temporary Residents
IRCC notes that there are different procedures and policies for medical examinations depending on whether the recipient is applying for temporary residence* or permanent residence in Canada.

To learn more about medical examinations for Canadian permanent residence applicants, click here.

which requires medical examination.
Only panel doctors designated by IRCC are licensed to conduct medical examinations required of applicants for temporary residence or permanent residence. In other words, applicants cannot get this test done only by their family doctor unless that person is nominated by IRCC.

Note that IRCC, not the examining physician, makes the final decision regarding the applicant’s medical examination.


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