Canada’s Decision To Build A High-Speed Train

 Canada Global(Web News)A Canadian start-up has proposed an electric high-speed train that will make the 804 km journey between Toronto and Montreal very easy.

According to Toronto-based startup Transpod, the company’s Hyperloop-style vacuum train will allow passengers to travel at speeds of up to 1,000 kilometers per hour. These ‘flux jet trains will be suspended in air through vacuum tubes and powered by plasma. In this way, the train can be operated at the speed of a commercial aircraft.
The company says it has the technology to make the project a reality before 2035.

The company is already working on a 300-kilometer line between Edmonton and Calgary at a cost of $18 billion.
According to Ryan Janzen, the inventor of the Transpod system, the project is designed like an airplane but it works like a train.
Designed as a wingless aircraft, the Flux jet vehicle is designed to ‘fly’ at high speeds.

Each carriage is considerably smaller than a conventional rail car, its compartments are slightly narrower than train coaches and it is capable of carrying 54 passengers or 10 tons of cargo from one place to another.
Although the number of passengers is low, Transpod says that the company will solve this problem by launching multiple vehicles at a time.
According to the company, using the Hyperloop will be 44% less expensive than air travel, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 636,000 tons annually.

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