Canada Supports Ukraine’s Use Of Nato Weapons: Melanie Jolly

Canada Global(Web News) Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolly says that Canada will support the policy of allowing Ukraine to use NATO-supplied weapons against Russia. “We believe we need to look at that question,” Jolie said at a news conference in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday, adding that Russia has every facility and therefore we need to make sure that when Ukraine has repeatedly asked for permission to use weapons donated by NATO countries inside Russian territory, particularly because Ukraine lacks weapons and faces repeated attacks from Russia.

The United States and Germany have warned of the risk of escalating tensions at various points, as they want to avoid direct war with Russia. .

Jolie said the issue would be “at the heart of our discussions” this week among European foreign ministers, as they prepare for a NATO summit in Washington, D.C., this July. On Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said members should lift sanctions on Ukraine because it “can exercise its right to self-defense.” On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that three U.S. officials said President Joe Biden had authorized Ukraine to use U.S. weapons to attack inside Russia, a country under heavy attack. It was a big city.
Jolly said Canada has no restrictions on how Ukraine uses the weapons it sends.
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