British And Us Air Strikes On Yemen, Many Civilians Were Killed

 Canada Global (Web News) After Iraq and Syria, the American and British forces have launched new air strikes on Yemen, as a result of which many civilians have been killed and dozens injured.

The United States and the United Kingdom have said in a joint statement that during the airstrikes in Yemen, 36 positions of the Houthi militia were targeted and the Houthi missile systems, launchers, and weapons reserves were destroyed in the attacks. The Houthi army countered the attacks. Expressing a strong reaction, he has said that the response to the American and British attacks on Yemen will be very painful.
The Houthi leaders announced that they will uproot the Zionist monopoly in the region and will not back down from their goal no matter how many sacrifices they have to make. The continuous bombing of Gaza by the United States was showing the fear of the spread of this conflict in the Middle East. According to Arab media, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that this collective action sends a clear message to the Houthis that if they attack an international ship If they do not stop their illegal attacks on the Queen and its ships, they will face further consequences. About 40 people were reportedly killed in the attacks, which were condemned by Iran and Iraq.

On the other hand, Russia has also strongly condemned the US attacks on Iraq and Syria. The Russian Foreign Ministry has said in a statement that US actions in the Middle East are forcing major countries to go to war. This is a serious issue, which will be raised in the UN Security Council.

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