Britain Tightens Rules For Immigrants

Canada Global (Web News) Britain has reduced the income limit to bring family members, accepting the demand of foreigners including Pakistanis.

The British government has decided to reduce the income limit from 38,700 pounds to 29,000 pounds to bring family members to the UK. The new rules will be enforced from April 1, 2024.
Recall that this month Britain tightened conditions to limit the number of foreigners, raising the minimum salary requirement from £26,200 to £38,700, with the
Home Secretary announcing the new rules. Announcing that the Immigration Health Surcharge has been increased from £624 to £1,035. Workers coming from abroad will not be allowed to bring parents and children.
The ruling party promised to reduce the number of immigrants before the election because people entering the UK illegally have become a headache for the government, with 52,530 people in the UK illegally as of June this year. have entered

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