650 British Mps Including Prime Minister Keir Starr Were Sworn In

  Canada Global (Web News) Newly elected British Prime Minister Keir Starmer and new MPs took oath, after which Keir Starmer and 650 MPs and his cabinet signed the Commons Rule. According to foreign media reports, Sir Lindsay Hoyle. Elected Speaker of the House of Commons again, British Pakistanis are among the MPs who took oath.

Newly elected British Minister Shabana Mehmood also took oath. Afzal Khan, Imran Hussain, Raja Yasin and Naz Shah were also among those who took the oath. In the presence of the Speaker, all the members of the assembly took oath one by one. Members of Parliament took an oath of allegiance to King Charles and his heirs and successors. All members can also take an oath on their religious book, 335 of the 650 MPs are first-time MPs, 263 in the House of Commons, about 40 percent are women.

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